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Jim Shockey's Shock Therapy

Join Jim Shockey, the award-winning producer, author, naturalist, and outfitter as he pulls back the curtain on his 25-year archive of what is some of the best hunting/adventure footage ever filmed.

Jim and his guests access it all, totally uncut and unplugged. You thought you saw it the first time, but with "Shock Therapy," Jim takes you behind the scenes to learn the 'rest of the story'; what really happened on all those episodes of The Professionals, Uncharted, and Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures.

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Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around.

Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures is the longest running hunting show on television. With over 18 seasons, dozens of awards, and having travelled every inch of the globe, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures aired its last episode in the fall of 2020. Jims entire Hunting Adventures library is now available to own. Purchase from the Jim Shockey Store!

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Jim Shockey’s Uncharted and Uncharted YUKON

Experience the mystery, suspense and adrenaline of Jim Shockey’s highly acclaimed series, Uncharted and Uncharted: YUKON.

From the windy Caucasus mountain ranges to the wild lands of the Yukon, Jim Shockey seeks out the most amazing places, people and wildlife that exists today. Dive headfirst into an unforgettable journey featuring culture and conflict; wildlife and danger; all from the eyes of the most well known and respected hunter in the world. The entire Uncharted series can be purchased from the Jim Shockey store. Order yours today.